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At the Law Office of John M. Phillips, we understand that good people can make mistakes. When accused of a crime, everyone deserves to be represented by experienced trial lawyers who will fight for you both in and out of court while providing you with the personal attention and counseling you deserve. Our client-centered approach and attention to detail ensures that all of our clients understand their options and what to expect at every stage of the process.

We invite you to review this website to learn more about potential charges and penalties you may be facing, as well as the impact a criminal defense lawyer can have in your case. We offer free initial consultations, and are available to speak with you at a time that is convenient for you.

The Law Office of John M. Phillips fights for the rights of our clients in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. If you are facing criminal charges in any of these areas, call our office to discuss your case and how we can help.

* The Law Office of John M. Phillips is also Personal Injury & Wrongful Death law firm. If you have a personal injury or wrongful death issue or inquiry, click here to learn more about us.